Best Neighborhoods in Kraków

There are currently over 760,000 citizens living in Kraków and 1,4 million if the larger metropolitan area is included. A perk of visiting Kraków is that the main neighborhoods and attractions are very close to the Old Town.

4 main areas of Kraków

Stare Miasto

The most important sightseeing area of Kraków is Stare Miasto, which means Old Town in Polish. It is packed with fascinating landmarks.


Established during the fourteenth century, Kazimierz was once known as the Jewish City and is one of the areas most crippled during World War II.


Podgórze was a city across the Vistula river until 1795. The Nazis created a ghetto here where all the Jews from Kraków were placed during WW2.

Nowa Huta

Nowa Huta is a district founded during the Polish People’s Republic in Kraków. It is based on Socialist realism, the popular architecture style of the time