Kraków Transport Tickets

Kraków Transport Tickets

Kraków’s public transport system offers visitors several types of travel tickets and cards, depending on the use you’re going to make of the city’s transportation system.

Discover all the tickets and travel cards available for Kraków’s public transport system and choose which one is better for your necessities.

The tickets we mention in this article are both valid for trams and buses.


If you’re not staying in the city center, you’ll need to get transport tickets for zone 1 to explore Kraków.

Single tickets

Type of ticket Zone 1 Zones 1 & 2
1 journey 3,80zł (US$1) 4zł (US$1)

Tickets valid for a certain time

Type of ticket Zone 1 Zones 1 & 2
20-minute single ticket 2,80zł (US$0.7)  
40-minute single ticket 3,80zł (US$1)  
60-minute single ticket   5zł (US$1.3)
90-minute single ticket   6zł (US$1.6)

Daily travel cards

Type of ticket Zone 1 Zones 1 & 2
24-hour travel card 15zł (US$3.9) 20zł (US$5.2)
48-hour travel card 24zł (US$6.3)  
72-hour travel card 36zł (US$9.4)  
7-day travel card 48zł (US$12.5) 62zł (US$16.2)

Where to purchase the tickets?

Single journeys can be bought directly from the bus or tram drivers once you get on the means of transport. All other tickets and travel cards are sold at the vending machines, at the ticket offices or in post offices and other authorized offices.