St. Andrew's Church

St. Andrew's Church

Situated near the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, St. Andrew’s Church (Kościół św. Andrzeja) is an unpretentious and pretty Roman Catholic Romanesque-style temple, erected between 1079 and 1098.

Exploring the church

St. Andrew’s Church has a light colored unassuming exterior topped by two towers. The edifice survived the Mongol invasions because of the fortified aspect of the church. Its thick walls and narrow and high-reaching windows offered the ideal protection from outside attacks and gave refuge to the Polish population in several occasions.

The inside of the temple was renovated during the eighteenth century in an attractive Baroque style, introducing a boat-like pulpit and numerous appealing paintings and statues. The Foucault pendulum (that demonstrates the earth's rotation) is another curious element housed in the temple.

Modest and interesting

St. Andrew's Church is one of the most charming Romanesque temples in Poland. This, and the fact that it is centric, makes it well-worth visiting.