Galicia Jewish Museum

Galicia Jewish Museum

The Galicia Jewish Museum was founded in memory of all the Holocaust victims and to celebrate the Jewish culture of Galicia, a region of Poland. It shows the history of the Jew people from a different perspective.  


Located in the Kazimierz district, the Galicia Jewish Museum (Żydowskie Muzeum Galicja) has a permanent exhibition of photographs that demonstrate the tragic history of the Jews, where the massacres of this community took place and how the past is forever present in their lives.

Not to our liking

The Galicia Jewish Museum houses an extensive collection of photos that represent the history and way of life of the Jews. In our opinion, the exhibitions aren’t as interesting as they could be and there are a lot of other extremely worthwhile attractions in Kraków.


Every day: 10am - 6pm. 


Adults: 16 (US$ 3.80)
​Students: 11 (US$ 2.60)


Trams: 3, 8, 9, 24, 50 and 69.
Bus: 502