Taxi Services in Kraków

Taxi Services in Kraków

Taxis are relatively inexpensive in Kraków and are the easiest and most comfortable way to move around the city.

Since Kraków is a fairly small city, the taxi rides are never very expensive.


There are over 12 taxi companies in Kraków and prices vary depending on the corporation. All taxis must show their official prices on the rear window of the vehicle.   

  • Between 6am and 10pm: The price per kilometer is between 1,84 and 2,30 (US$0.6).
  • Between 10pm and 6am: The price per kilometer is between 2,80 and 3,50 (US$0.9)

Taxi fares from Kraków Airport are fixed depending on the kilometers between the airport and the destination.

  • Less than 4,9 kilometers: 29 (US$7.1)
  • Up to 9,9 kilometers: 49 (US$12)
  • Up to 14,9 kilometers: 69 (US$16.9)
  • Up to 19,9 kilometers: 89 (US$21.8)
  • Up to 24,9 kilometers: 109 (US$26.7)
  • Up to 29,9 kilometers: 120 (US$29.4)

Telephone numbers

These are the telephone numbers of some of the most important taxi companies in Kraków:

  • Radio Taxi Krak: 12 267 67 67.
  • Radio Taxi Wawel: 266 66 66.
  • Taxi Wieliczka: 509 661 189.