Isaac Synagogue

Isaac Synagogue

Established in 1644 as a gift to Krakow from the banker Isaak Jakubowicz, Isaac Synagogue (Synagoga Izaaka) is the largest and one of the most beautiful synagogues in the city.

A 17th century gem

The stark façade hides an attractive Baroque-style interior that still preserves some faded frescos with seventeenth century Hebrew writings, which make this synagogue extremely special.

Currently, the Synagogue houses various exhibitions and projects documentaries about the history of Kazimierz.

One of the most beautiful temples

Isaac Synagogue is extremely well preserved and is also one of the most interesting attractions in Kazimierz district.


Every day: 9am - 7pm.
Saturday and public holidays: closed


Adults: 7 PLN
Admission ticket to take photographs: 10 PLN