Kupa Synagogue in Kraków

Kupa Synagogue in Kraków

Kupa Synagogue (Synagoga Kupa) was established in 1643 funded by the local autonomous Jewish government (kehillah) of Kazimierz. It was the last synagogue built in the independent city of Kazimierz.

When Kupa Synagogue was first built, the interior was beautifully decorated in a Baroque-style. However, during the German invasion, most of the furniture and ornaments were destroyed.

After the war, the interior was completely restored with colorful paintings on the walls that represent the cities of the Holy Land.

Very limited opening hours

Currently, Kupa Synagogue is not a major place of worship. It is mostly used as a space for conferences, concerts and exhibits.

The temple’s interior is exquisitely renovated with vibrant colors. The only downside of this synagogue is that it is rarely opened to the public.


Every day: 9am - 6pm
Saturdays and public holidays: closed


Admission ticket: 3 (US$ 0.70)


Trams: 6, 10 and 13.
Buses: 184, 610 and 904.