Tempel Synagogue in Krakow

Tempel Synagogue in Krakow

Combining an elegant Neo-Renaissance style with pleasant Moorish decorations, Tempel Synagogue was built during the nineteenth century by Ignacy Herok.

This reform synagogue is the newest Jewish temple founded in Krakow.


Progressive Jews of Tempel Synagogue made several changes to the liturgy, which were not well taken by the city’s Orthodox Jews, who opposed Liberal Judaism.

The religious edifice was renovated and enlarged in various occasions. During World War II, it was severely damaged by the Nazis, but was completely renovated after the war ended thanks to donations from all over the world. Nowadays, it is an imposing and unique synagogue.

A very special synagogue

Tempel Synagogue is beautifully decorated with colorful compact patterns and gold leaf. These designs are not typical of synagogues.

Nowadays, the temple houses numerous concerts and meetings. It is no longer used as a primary place of worship.  


Daily: 10am - 6pm.
Closed: Saturdays and Sundays. 


Adults: 5 (US$ 1.20)
Students: 2 (US$ 0.50)


Trams: 6, 10 and 13.
Buses: 184, 610 and 904.