Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Kraków

Find out what the most-visited tourist attractions and monuments are before you travel to Kraków to make the most of your holidays.

Top monuments and tourist attractions

Main Market Square

The Main Square, also known as Main Market Square, in Kraków is 40,000 square meters. It is the largest Medieval square in Europe. Find out what to see.

Schindler's Factory

Well known thanks to Spielberg’s film “Schindler’s List”, Oskar Schindler was a German buisnessman who saved over 1,200 Jews by hiring them in his factory.

Wawel Castle

Towering over Wawel Hill, Wawel Royal Castle is one of the most beautiful constructions around the world and the iconic symbol of Poland.

Wawel Cathedral

The 14th century Wawel Cathedral (Kraków Cathedral) is one of the most sacred temples in Poland. It represents an important part of the nation’s history.

Planty Park

Planty Park in Kraków is a charming green space surrounding the Old Town, which is full of monuments and serves as the lung of the city.


The Kraków Barbican is the most famous part of the medieval walls still standing and one of the few constructions of the style built in Europe.

St. Mary's Basilica

St. Mary’s Basilica was founded during the 14th cent. on one side of the Main Market Square. Nowadays, it is one of the most-visited attractions in Kraków.

Town Hall Tower

The Town Hall Tower stands 75-meters high overlooking the Main Market Square. Over time, it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in town.

Collegium Maius

Collegium Maius (Grand College) is the oldest building of the Jagiellonian University in Poland. One of its most famous students is Nicolaus Copernicus.

Old City Walls

The City Walls of Kraków were established around the Old Town during the thirteenth century. It once had 39 towers and a 6-meter wide moat.

Gestapo Headquarters

Situated on 2 Ulica Pomorska is a building that was used as the Gestapo headquarters in Kraków during the 1940s. The basement is now a museum.

Pharmacy Under the Eagle

The Pharmacy Under the Eagle was a pharmacy located in Podgórze, the Jewish ghetto, run by Tadeusz Pankiewicz who tried to help the imprisoned Jews.

Wawel Dragon

According to a Polish legend, a cruel dragon lived in a cave at the foot of Wawel Hill until it was slaughtered by a wise shoemaker.

Church of St. Peter and Paul

St. Peter and Paul’s Church is one of the most exquisite examples of Baroque architecture in Poland. Its highlight is its elegant façade.

St. Andrew's Church

St. Andrew’s Church is a humble and attractive Roman Catholic temple built in a Romanesque style in Kraków between 1079 and 1098.

Basilica of St. Francis

Established in the thirteenth century for the Franciscan monks that moved from Prague, the Basilica of St. Francis is one of the oldest churches to Kraków.

The Lord's Ark

The Lord’s Ark Church was built on the outskirts of Nowa Huta, one of the only planned socialist realist districts, by volunteers during ten years.

Holy Trinity Basilica

The Basilica of the Holy Trinity was commissioned by the Dominican Order of Bologna in 1223, after the Mongol invasion. It is an important place of worship

Corpus Christi Basilica

King Casimir III the Great commissioned Corpus Christi Basilica in Kazimierz in 1335. It is one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Central Europe.