Top Museums in Kraków

Kraków is a genuine open-air museum with beautiful landmarks on every corner. It also houses numerous museums and art galleries worth visiting. Another of its top attractions are Auschwitz-Birkenau Death Camp and Wieliczka Salt Mine

Top three museums

Polish Aviation Museum in Kraków

Housed in the former Kraków Airport, the Polish Aviation Museum was opened to the public in 1964. It is one of the largest aircraft museums in the world.

Czartoryski Museum

The Czartoryski Museum houses an exquisite collection of furniture, porcelain, crystal, tapestry, antiques. It is believed to be the best museum in Kraków.

Other museums in Kraków

Ethnographic Museum in Krakow

The Ethnographic Museum is inside an imposing Renaissance style building in Kazimierz district. It illustrates the popular Polish culture.

Galicia Jewish Museum

The Galicia Jewish Museum was founded in memory of all the Holocaust victims and to celebrate the Jewish culture of Galicia, a region of Poland.

Rynek Underground

Situated beneath the Main Market Square of Krakow, this underground museum takes its visitors back in time to the Middle Ages.

National Museum in Kraków

The main branch of the National Museum in Kraków features an extensive 20th century Polish art collection, including uniformes, armor and furniture.

Jan Matejko House in Kraków

The Jan Matejko House is situated in the Old Town of Kraków. It was home to one of the greatest Polish painters, Jan Matejko.

Archaeological Museum in Krakow

The Archaeological Museum of Krakow features a collection of over 500,000 archaeological finds from the Paleolithic period up to the modern era.

Archdiocesan Museum in Kraków

Housed in a building where John Paul II once lived, the Archdiocesan Museum has a collection of thirteenth to seventeenth century sacral art.