High Synagogue in Krakow

High Synagogue in Krakow

Founded between 1556 and 1563, High Synagogue was the third synagogue built by the Jewish community living in Kazimierz, and one of the first in Poland.

High Synagogue is also known as Tall Synagogue or Wysoka Synagogue, as the prayer rooms were placed on the second floor, making it the tallest Jewish temple in Krakow when it was first built.

When Poland was invaded during World War II, the Nazis devastated the interior of the temple, preserving, however, some of the original murals. These paintings make High Synagogue unique in Kraków.

Wysoka Synagogue is currently inactive and is used to house interesting exhibits reflecting the Jewish people.

Not the most interesting

High Synagogue is truly curious as it is one of the only Jewish places of worship to have its prayer rooms on the second floor. Nevertheless, if you only want to visit the most striking synagogues, we recommend Isaac Synagogue or Tempel Synagogue.


April - October: every day from 9am to 5pm.
November - March: every day from 9am to 5pm.


Admission ticket: 9 (US$ 2.10)