Synagogues in Kraków

The seven synagogues in the Kazimierz neighborhood, once home to the largest Jewish community in Kraków, are some of the most interesting to visit in the city, along with the Galicia Jewish Museum.

Most interesting synagogues

Tempel Synagogue

Combining neo-Renaissance style with Moorish elements, Tempel Synagogue was established in the 19th century. It is the most recent synagogue in Krakow.

Isaac Synagogue

Established in 1644 as a gift to Krakow from the banker Isaak Jakubowicz, Isaac Synagogue is the largest and one of the most beautiful in the city.

Kupa Synagogue

Kupa Synagogue was founded in 1643 funded by the local autonomous Jewish government. It was the last synagogue built in the independent city of Kazimierz.

High Synagogue

High Synagogue is also known as Tall Synagogue or Wysoka Synagogue, as it was once the tallest Jewish temple in Krakow.

Old Synagogue

Situated in Kazimierz district, the Old Synagogue was built in the fifteenth century by the Czech Jews that immigrated to Poland.

Remuh Synagogue

The Remuh Synagogue was designed in a Renaissance style mid 16th century. It is the smallest synagogue in Kazimierz district and the only one in use.