Holy Trinity Basilica

Holy Trinity Basilica

Known as the Church of the Dominicans, the Basilica of the Holy Trinity in Kraków (Kościół Św. Trójcy) was built by the Dominican monks of Bologna in 1223.  

What began as a small temple in the thirteenth century, was rebuilt over the following decades and centuries, and is nowadays a noteworthy Gothic-style edifice.


The Holy Trinity Basilica in Kraków has a splendid interior, especially its lateral chapels that were added throughout the seventeenth century by various wealthy and influential Polish families. Among the numerous shrines, the most beautiful is Saint Hyacinth chapel, where one of the founders of the chapel lies. The space is decorated with attractive stuccos and covered by a magnificent dome.

A unique interior

The Basilica of the Holy Trinity is one of the largest and most important places of worship in Kraków. If you only wish to visit a few churches in the city, we highly recommend this one.


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Bus: Z69.