Church of St. Peter and Paul

Church of St. Peter and Paul

Commissioned by the Jesuits and erected between 1597 and 1619, St. Peter and Paul’s Church (Kosciol sw Piotra i Pawla) is one of the most magnificent examples of early Baroque architecture in Poland.

What to see

The reason why this church has such a striking exterior and an austere interior is because the Jesuits spent more money than planned on the beautiful façade and on the attractive figures of the Twelve Apostles that stand on columns intertwined with the wrought-iron gate. This is why the interior is simply made of bricks.  

Even though the inside of the temple is less striking than the exterior, it features certain interesting details like the stucco of the dome and the marble altarpieces engraved in gold.


St. Peter and Paul’s Church sits on Grodzka Street, one of the city’s main thoroughfares, in central Kraków. Once you visit this interesting temple, you can also make the most of being in the center to discover other landmarks on Godzka.